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Sinclair Wear's designing approach is waste not want not. We collect unwanted and unclaimed materials from numerous sources and store them in our atelier. It's only a matter of time before various fabrics, colours and textures fuse themselves into a new exciting and original creation. We principally have two methods of creation.



Collecting old materials, fixtures, fabrics or anything that looks like a challenge to adapt into something fresh, new and exciting. We have been known to transformed an old sofa into a series of jackets. So there are no limits to what can be modified.


Unlike the larger clothing brands and fashion houses, we do not work on a 'whats trending' business model. They work on seasonal collections, which means when stock is not sold, largely due to mass production, it becomes deadstock and is likely to end up in landfills.

We would then reconstruct, redesign, pimp or restructure these pieces into a new garment. This promotes the idea of circular fashion and gives the materials, fixtures and textiles a longer life cycle.


Working in these environmentally friendly ways means each piece of Sinclair Wear is created in limited numbers, and finished by hand. In most cases two pieces will never be identical. For our customers it makes the purchase even more attractive - knowing that you have a limited edition and in the limited edition a one of a kind.

Pre -orders

We also offer a pre-order service for our customers. If you see an item and it has limited stock or in the wrong size. You can contact us and we do our best to recreate the item in your with your specifications - providing we have the recycled or deadstock to do so.

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