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SinclairWear is the creation and some might say, the alter ego of Colin Sinclair. He, for over three decades, has had the privilege of working in all sectors of the art world and is proud to call himself an eternal student: forever learning and pushing boundaries. With this philosophy, he has become a World-renowned Artist in his own right.


His versatility stretches from International Performer, dancer, choreographer, director, writer, filmmaker and of course, designer.  The SinclairWear brand is a fusion of his lifelong passions, theatre, and dance. music and film. He desires conflict to tell a story. Mixing fabrics, textures and moods to create clothes for individuals who are the stars of their own movies.


He specialises in up cycling and recycling materials in his designs, and more often than not creations are born from what is available at the time. Throwing caution to the wind, art for art's sake and awareness of the environment. He contributes his success to all the fellow artists he has worked with over the years but mostly to his former teachers who motivated, encouraged, supported and believed in him. Thus giving him the incentive to constantly work outside his comfort zone, explore and grow.

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